Dental Implants In India, A 22-Year- Boy Chewing Food For The First Time. Dr Rohit Yadav, Haident

It is one of the rare cases in the world that a 22-year-old boy starts chewing food for the first time in his life. Don’t you believe

Meet the Iraqi youngster Karam Waad, whom thanks to the ingenuity and tireless efforts of the famous dental implant surgeon Dr. Rohit Yadav from HaiDent, a highly specialized dental clinic in India, a new set of teeth was implanted. Before this Iraqi boy was successfully implanted with teeth, he had never eaten any solid food. He survived on fluids until he landed at HaiDent – it’s another feather in Dr. Yadav’s crown. It has also increased the reputation of the clinic and the country in the eyes of the global community of dental implant surgeons and others.

Karam was every two years old when he had a serious fall that severely affected his gums. The impact of the fall was so severe that the boy never got his teeth. He never wore a good smile without his dentures. This also affected his psyche and he lacked self-confidence. His toothless smile attracted jokes and jokes from friends.

Not having a good smile was a minor issue compared to how it affected his eating habits. Since he could not chew solid food, he was completely dependent on liquids. He was prevented from trying many beautiful dishes, dried fruits and other edibles because he simply had to swallow everything he put in his mouth. He didn’t know how to bite off something chewable.

In January 2020, Karam came to Delhi, accompanied by his father, looking for a dentist for dental implants and a clinic that could perform the implantation. He went from pillar to post, hopped from one hospital to another. At first, many implantologists refused because the process was so complicated. Finally he reached HaiDent and came into contact with Dr. Rohit Yadav.

Dr. Rohit Yadav assured him good results with corticobasal implants without unnecessary extensive surgery. While other implant surgeons in various clinics and hospitals gave him 1-1.5 years to complete his treatment, Dr. HaiDent’s Rohit Yadav, on the other hand, received his full treatment within just eight days when he saw his face in the mirror, he couldn’t believe it. path

were the toothless gums that embarrassed him and often made him ashamed. Now he had some good, strong teeth.

Since he was not used to chewing food, he attended a 14-day therapy at HaiDent, where he was taught to chew. The boy gradually learned. The joy on his face the day he chewed the first bite of his life was incredible. He was nine in the sky and kept watching himself in the mirror. He admired himself, appreciated the improved technology in dental implants, and was HaiDent and Dr. Rohit grateful. He was also grateful to our beloved mother country India, because here he received a treatment that changed his fate, his life forever.

Under the care of trained doctors, nurses and therapists, the Iraqi boy managed to smile on his face. He could walk confidently, enjoy the meal, one of the beautiful blessings of God. HaiDent brought him back the joie de vivre that had been withheld from him for over two decades. It was like a miracle.

But science and surgery don’t believe in miracles. They believe in experiments and authentic / real results. Doctors at Haident keep up to date with the latest technology and advances in dentistry. The implant surgeon and his team at HaiDent used the latest technology and science to wonderfully manage this case with successful long-term results.

The boy and his father had come to India with hope in their eyes. Her dream came true as Karam could get something he had longed for all his life. They say where there’s a will there’s a way. The doctor and his team at HaiDent and the patient had a will and they got away with it. Even in extremely challenging and seemingly impossible cases, predictable results can be achieved if the doctor and team have the right vision and execute a correct treatment plan. Many people stagnate and do not seek treatment because of their doubts and fear. Karam and his family took the first positive step when they came to India to seek a cure for a problem that had plagued the boy since he was two years old. He found an angel in a trained doctor and a good HaiDent hospital that took great care of him.

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