Woman Allegedly Pulls 13 Teeth From Patient, Steals $22K From Dentist’s Office


  • A 42-year-old Nevada woman was arrested for breaking into a dental office and stealing more than $ 22,000 in cash and checks
  • The woman admitted doing 13 tooth extractions on a patient despite not having a license
  • Police said she was an employee of the dental office

A 42-year-old Nevada woman was arrested after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a dental office and pulling 13 teeth from a single victim despite not having a license to perform the procedure.

Reno’s Laurel Eich faces multiple crimes after being killed on Jan.

According to the sheriff’s office, patrol MPs responded to an out-of-hours alarm call on May 3 at a dental office on Sun Valley Boulevard. They found a door ajar and a broken rear window. During the investigation, the officers found that only one cash drawer had been disrupted and that money and checks had been stolen.

The investigators identified Eich, an employee of the dental practice, as a representative of the interests of the break-in.

During the investigation, the detectives learned that Eich had previously performed 13 tooth extractions on a patient whose name was not disclosed by the authorities.

Eich later admitted to detectives and “several people” that she performed the extractions, according to the press release. She also admitted using anesthetics that were disposed of by the dentist’s office.

The state of the victim after the medical procedure was not mentioned in the police statement.

Eich was arrested Wednesday on several serious criminal charges, including performing an operation on another without a license; Breaking into a shop, second (or more) crime aggravated theft of more than $ 5,000 but less than $ 25,000; and violation of the probation period or the condition of a suspended sentence.

She was also charged with a gross offense of conspiracy to break into the office.

Eich is on remand in Washoe County Jail on a $ 20,000 loan.

Representative picture. Photo: Pixabay

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